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I don't like to share personal information, but once in a while I look through my latest posts to see who will be interested in what I'm writing.




I love reading. Enjoy what I am writing and I hope you like it too! Looking forward to see you again.




I am a 30 year old Bi male with no kids of my own who does enjoy some gay porn. I love good looking college guys, who are laid back and have a sense of humor. If you send me your name and number and we can maybe trade.A spokesman for a group of Republican senators has responded to a tense exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by accusing them of “weaponizing” poverty.

After a tense exchange about minimum wage, during which Sanders admitted his proposal was “all or nothing” and Cruz said “Bernie, you are not being honest with the American people”, the soon-to-be president of the United States remained silent for roughly the first half of the debate before beginning his line of attack against Sanders’ health care reform plan: “He said health care is a right, and I said I’d be in favor of bringing the cost of that down. How are we going to do that, Bernie?”

But it was Sanders’ response to Cruz’s question that drew the ire of the unnamed spokesman for a group of Republican senators.

“And Senator, you’re a millionaire,” the spokesman is seen telling Cruz in the video captured by New York Post reporter Olivia Nuzzi, before addressing Sanders. “If you were living in a trailer home in Vermont right now, and if you paid attention to how much money you make a year, you wouldn’t make too much of an argument that you have a right to health care.”

Nuzzi writes that Cruz “slammed” the unspecified spokesman at the end of the exchange, while the unidentified senator replied, “Tell that to the children of Buffalo.”

Last week, Cruz was also accused of playing the “class card” when he kicked off the debate by accusing

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The urinary bladder is a muscular sac filled with urine that acts as a storage organ for urine. An overactive bladder is a condition in which the muscles of the bladder do not contract, which allows urine to bypass the normal storage and emptying mechanism and continually drip into the lower abdomen or back. Diagnosis may be made with a urinalysis, ultrasonography, or manual palpation of the urinary bladder to feel contractions in the bladder.


The bladder is capable of emptying itself of urine, but if it is not emptied of urine, the bladder fills and becomes distended or its capacity is exceeded. This leads to decreased urine output by the kidneys, a loss of water from the body, and a rise in the bladder pressure. Overactive bladder symptoms are more likely to occur during times of increased bladder pressure, such as standing, exercise, or excitement. Dogs with overactive bladder often urinate outside the house, resulting in bad odor. In dogs with overactive bladder, the bladder pressure often reaches 200 mmHg, although bladder pressures higher than 180 mmHg are rarely seen. This condition can be managed with medication, behavior modification, or surgery.

Therapeutic options

Management of overactive bladder includes medication and behavior modification. Antimuscarinic drugs decrease the frequency and urgency of urination by inhibiting the nervous system pathway that causes the muscles of the bladder to contract. This medication is thought to be similar in effectiveness to alpha adrenergic receptor antagonists. These drugs act by blocking receptors for acetylcholine in the postganglionic, autonomic nervous system. As a result, acetylcholine does not bind to the receptor

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